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  • 2017/09/20
    As the ecosystem improves in Nyingchi city, Tibet autonomous region, many villages have become more prosperous as a result of the local government's preferential policies for the development of tourism.For example, Kyerpa, a settlement in Kongpo'gyada county, has seen the number of guesthouses rise ...
  • 2014/12/08
    Known in the Tibetan language as the Gang Rinpoche, Kailash is the highest peak in the Gangdise Mountain range. Fan Shihui / XinhuaPilgrims believe that walking a full circle around Kailash can bring prosperity and purify one of the sins of a lifetime. It is believed that the god of Kailash was born...
  • 2014/09/26
    With a history of more than 2,000 years, Tibetan medicine is similar to traditional Chinese medicine in that it experiments with a variety of herbs to create cures. In recent years, as its appeal has widened across China and abroad, a brighter spotlight has been shone on the birthplace of the region...
  • 2014/07/25
    About 1.7 million trees have been planted in Nyingchi prefecture, in the Tibet autonomous region, over the past five years on 6,667 hectares of land, according to local officials. Nyingchi prefecture is one of the most diverse places in the world in terms of biological resources. It is known as a na...
  • 2014/02/27
    Tibet's Potala Palace, photographed on March 27, 2013. Air quality in Lhasa was heathy 94.5 percent of the time during last year with an annual average PM2.5 level of 26. [Photo/Xinhua]LHASA - China's Tibet autonomous region will plant more than 66,666 hectares of trees this year as part of an affor...
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